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The Global Community for Higher Education Professionals to Continue Lifelong Learning


A unique learning platform for diverse learning organizations.

Regardless of your role, position, or experience in higher education, Qedex offers engaging, comprehensive, and relevant professional development courses for all professionals campus-wide.

Locally collaborative.
Globally connected.

By leveraging an international community of higher education professionals, Qedex inspires collaboration, connection, and partnerships from around the world, including input and guidance from our International Advisory Board.

Qedex Community

Connecting a global higher education community

Collaborative environment:

Fosters participation, networking, dialogue, and
the sharing of professional development best
practices without borders.

Local and global networking:

Breaking-down silos between departments,
disciplines, institutions, and countries, while
supporting diverse experiences and perspectives
in higher education from around the world.

Peer-led and peer-driven:

Community groups created by and for higher
education professionals enable peer-topeer
learning with opportunities to ask for advice,
receive feedback, and share insights across
diverse perspectives.

Intentional planning:

Members can formulate their own personalized
Professional Development Plans (PDPs) and
determine levels of transparency by sharing
selected elements for insight and feedback with
the community.


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