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Learning and Teaching

Connect with Higher Education Professionals across the Globe

Collaborate with Higher Ed professionals across
the globe and gather valuable feedback. Whether you just started your career or have already advanced in your career, the best thing
you can do for long-term career success is build a network of advocates.

Affordable Institute wide Career Development Courses

A powerful, yet simple and elegant user interface for an asynchronous self-paced learning, that is centred around our content and learners.

Meet Our Course Instructors

Dr. Jennifer R. Wies

Dr. Jörg Waltje

Phyllis Blumberg

Dr. Richard Nelson

Bonnie Anderson

Karen DiGiacomo

Dr. Rene’ Hauser

Dr.Carl S. Moore

Dr. Carina Buckley

Dr. Timothy S. Brophy

Errin Heyman

John Calahan

Prof. Pete Boyd

Dr. Alexis Brooks Walter

Amunoo Tembo

Dr. Ronan O'Beirne

Andrew G D Holmes

Rachel Johnson

Rob Whelan

Michael Keppell

Mohammad Rahman

Kim Baskette

Fred Ramirez

Edward Collins

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